Why do you insist on living in a greenhouse?

September 27, 2009

What is happening to this earth of ours? What’s causing all this imbalance in nature? Why these unexpected sand storms, tsunamis, hurricanes, heat waves? Why is Mother Earth behaving this way?

Well, have you ever been inside a greenhouse? Believe me it’s pretty hot there! Basically the principle is that the plastic/glass of a greenhouse keeps the heat within the structure not allowing it to escape.

Now the Earth can apply this principle as well. Some gasses remain at a certain height in the atmosphere. When sun rays hit the Earth they are usually reflected back into space. What is happening here is that the gasses block this path of the rays out into space and are trapped within the Earth.
What are these gasses? Well there are plenty of what are called greenhouse gasses. But the most common is carbon dioxide. This is the gas which is the most abundant by far and…guess what?…it is produced when burning the fossil fuels. It is produced by power stations, cars etc. and it has been accumulating throughout the years. This has resulted in what is popularly called climate change – mainly the overall increase of the Earth’s temperature together with more extreme weather patterns. And this gives rise to the plethora of effects you hear day in day out in the news in every type of media.

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September 27, 2009

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